UPDATE: Fri 1st Oct: We remain open for all physio services and telehealth appointments. Group classes to resume as soon as possible. All our staff are double dose vaccinated.

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Tips for working from home

Working from home? We bet it sounded great at the start … the sleep ins, late nights, daytime naps …. by now you are probably finding everything merging into one. The lack of daily structure and self isolation could increase your risk of health problems. Follow a few simple tips to look after yourself while you work from home. 

1. Maintain a Normal Routine

Working from home doesn’t mean you are on holiday. Try and keep to your normal working day routine. Get up at the same time, get dressed for work, start your work day at the same time, take your regular breaks and try to finish work at your usual time. If you are having issues with setting up your home work station then get in contact with us. We can guide you using video calling.  

2. Exercise

Staying indoors all day is boring. Try to start your day (or lunch time or end of day) with some exercise. You can walk, run or do a home workout. You could trial our online GLA:D, pilates and exercise rehab classes. Exercise promotes wellbeing and happiness! 

Get your Free online pilates trial here.

3. Stay Connected

Self-isolating at home can feel lonely and overwhelming. Check in on your family, friends and work colleagues and stay connected using video calling. At SMP we are available online for video consults. Even though we aren’t “hands on” we can still do a lot in our online session. 

4. Get some Sleep

Working from home does not mean more time for Netflix, TV or social media. Lack of sleep and structure plays havoc with the body. Try and stick to your normal routine and get the 8 hours of sleep you deserve. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. 

SMP is always here to keep you moving!


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