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Women’s Health

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy South Melbourne
Pre / Post Natal Physio & Pilates

The pelvic floor muscles play a significant role in offering support to the bladder, uterus and bowel. If weakened, they can contribute to poor bladder and bowel control, difficulty emptying, leakage, sexual dysfunction, pain and/or pelvic organ prolapse.


For a lot of women this is a sensitive issue, that often goes untreated. Our specifically trained Women’s Health Physiotherapists will evaluate the function of your pelvic floor muscles and assess your ability to contract and relax these muscles. They can then help guide you through a pelvic floor retraining programme to help you regain control and restore your confidence.

How do I strengthen my pelvic floor?

The pelvic  floor is the same as any other muscle in the body, in order to make it stronger, you need to do your strength exercises! Your Physiotherapist can guide you through a specific strengthening program, tailored to your individual needs and goals.

Find out more about pelvic floor physiotherapy.

Pre-/Post Natal Physiotherapy

Our Physiotherapists are trained to help your body deal with the common musculoskeletal complaints, both during and after pregnancy. Common conditions we treat during pregnancy include pelvic-girdle pain (pain around the lower back, hips, abdomen or pubic area), neck and shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, foot/ankle pain and pelvic floor weakness. We can also help with mastitis and blocked ducts during the feeding stages post-delivery. Pregnancy physiotherapy can also help you to have a more enjoyable pregnancy and to prepare you for the birth of your baby.

Pre-/Post Natal Clinical Pilates

We offer pre- and post-natal clinical Pilates classes, where you can bring bub along, as well as the option to have 1:1 Pilates sessions with one of our Women’s Health Physiotherapists. During these small group classes we prescribe exercises specific to your individual pregnancy, as well as any pre-existing musculoskeletal conditions. We will design and implement a safe exercise programme, addressing high risk conditions, to help keep you and your baby healthy. Your individual clinical pilates programme will guide you to strengthen your pelvic floor and other core muscles, improve your postural strength and the overall strength of your body, to best prepare your body for delivery or help you recover post-delivery.