UPDATE: July 2022: We are open for all physio services , telehealth appointments and group classes. All our staff are triple dose vaccinated. Please remember to bring your masks.
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Occupational Health

Injury prevention within workplaces with OH&S compliance

Injury Prevention and Health Promotion

  • Pre-employment Assessments
  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Risk Assessment Analysis
  • Manual Handling Training
  • Early Intervention Physiotherapy
  • Onsite Physiotherapy

Pre-employment assessments

Pre-employment screenings can ensure that the prospective applicant is physically able to handle the stresses and demands of the workplace.

When an applicant does not have the physical capacity to complete the work tasks, injury often results followed by a WorkCover claim adding financial and administrative stress on an organisation.

The goal of the pre-employment screening is to protect the employer against false injury claims and identify possible risk factors for prospective employees.

The functional objective assessment is tailored for the essential demands of your workplace, taking into account an individual’s general fitness, strength, flexibility and stamina.

Ergonomic Assessments

A proper analysis by a Physiotherapist can identify postures in both sitting and standing that lead to common injuries such as pain in the neck, back, hip and knee as well as more chronic conditions such as repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

Our staff are trained to minimise the risk of injury by identifying both poor postures and hazardous movement patterns throughout an employee’s daily activities.

Recommendations and simple implementations are set up by our staff to help eliminate or minimise the risk.

Risk Assessment Analysis

Our staff with extensive experience in Physiotherapy, workplace health and health promotion is ideally positioned to identify hazards in a workplace or task. We then assess the level of risk so that a control measure to prevent/minimise the risk can be implemented.

The assessment can range from office-based tasks to heavy industry occupations.

Manual Handling Training

Manual handling tasks often have a direct impact on workplace injuries. Employees that consistently use a poor technique are at a greater chance of injury.

Our staff can educate and train your employees to implement better posture, muscle control and minimise the risk of common injuries. We can tailor the training for the workplace.

Early Intervention Physiotherapy

At our clinic close to the heart of the CBD we can diagnose, assess and treat your injured workers before it becomes a WorkCover claim.

We aim to treat the worker for a maximum of 4-6 sessions and encourage a return to work in some capacity.

This can:

  • Reduced Lost Time Injuries (LTI’s).
  • Reduced Labour Replacement Costs (LRC’s).
  • Minimise WorkCover claims and insurance premium costs.
  • Minimise losses in worker productivity.

Onsite Physiotherapy

Encourage a proactive workplace liaising with Occupational Health and safety team. Our staff can utilise our skills as Physiotherapists to allow an early assessment and diagnosis of an onsite injury. This can:

  • Reduced Lost Time Injuries (LTI’s).
  • Reduced Labour Replacement Costs (LRC’s).
  • Minimise WorkCover claims and insurance premium costs.
  • Minimise losses in worker productivity.

Our proactive staff will also utilise our time onsite to encourage and implement:

  • Employee Health Checks
  • Exercise & fitness programs
  • Clinical Pilates Program
  • Employee health and safety culture programs

This can lead to improved employee morale and well-being along with a reduced chance of injury as employees a will become more health and exercise conscious.