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Pre-pointe Assessment

A pre-pointe assessment aims to ensure a smooth transition from demi pointe to en pointe.

What is a pre-pointe assessment?

Starting pointe work is an exciting time for dancers. There is no age or grade level by which one is ready to commence pointe work. Some may be ready earlier, others later and unfortunately some have feet that are not suitable for pointe work.

A pre-pointe assessment aims to ensure a smooth transition from demi pointe to en pointe. We recommend that dancers receive a pre-pointe assessment approximately 6-12 months prior to starting pointe work. This allows sufficient time for the dancer to prepare their feet and body for the demands of pointe work. Although your dance teacher will need to give you the final ok to transition on to pointe, it is important to meet the strength, flexibility, and control requirements as injury could occur.

What is included?

We also recommend an assessment if a dancer is returning from an extended break or from injury to ensure they are meeting their requirements. If you are unsure about when to receive an assessment, talk to your dance teacher or our Physiotherapist Josie.

Your physiotherapist will conduct a thorough examination looking at mobility and stability through the foot, strength and endurance of the lower limb, dynamic turn out control, pelvic control and proprioception. After the assessment, your physiotherapist will design an individualised exercise program targeting these areas. Education about caring for your body and pointe shoes will also be included as this is important to help keep you on your toes. Your physiotherapist would likely need to review with you approximately 6-12 weeks after the initial assessment to ensure you are meeting your requirements.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring bike pants / sports shorts and a singlet top.