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Stay injury free while training for your goal event

Many of us set big fitness goals for the year: to run 10ks, a marathon, or do an ironman.
How can you increase your chances of 1. Starting the race and 2. crossing that finish line injury free!

10 tips on how to have a smooth lead up to your next big event

  1. Set a realistic goal
    If you haven’t run in 10 years will a full marathon be your best choice?
    If you naturally run like a gazelle maybe yes but if you need some foundational strength and technique work maybe not? Which leads me to my next point..
  2. Your first goal should be to make sure your body is in good working order for your desired race/goal. Do you have the foundational mobility, strength, power and agility for your goal?
  3. If the answer is NO to the above question then first phase of training is pre-hab!
    Get a personalised exercise program to iron out your creases and strengthen up your weak links.
  4. If your technique is feeling off, not balanced or causing pain – get it assessed. Perhaps some slow mo video analysis will help to break down any biomechanical issues.
  5. Get a well planned, progressive training program that builds you up for the goal
    You may think that just doing the ‘thing’ will be enough but you might benefit from speed work, cross training or other drills.
  6. Listen to your body – sounds cliche. But if you’re tired, been training hard and had a big day.. do you need to do a hard training session or would you benefit from a gentler stretch/mobility session, do a meditation or read a book.
    Find your balance of pushing hard to achieve, and allowing your body to recover.
  7. Get ample nourishing sleep 8-9hrs ideally. The body repairs while we are sleeping!
  8. Get the right fuel eat a balanced nutritious, whole foods diet.
  9. Consider using ice baths/contrast baths/breathing exercises as part of your recovery, these can help to flush the body of waste and reduce tissue swelling.
  10. Recovery is important! connect with friends/family, read,watch a movie, allow yourself to unwind your adrenal gland will thank you for it.

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