Jeremy Dyson

One of the members from the #keepmoving SMPC cycling team stepped out of his comfort zone and off his saddle in a mountain bike race along with riders from Castlemain, Geelong, Ballarat, and Bendigo MTB clubs.

The riders braved a brisk 7 degree blizzard at the You Yangs to compete in round 3 of the Interwinter series.

Despite the weather, Jeremy was able to ‘keep moving’ due to help from friends at SMPC. Climbing 27 places from round 2 to a respectable 19th!

Jeremy’s recovery is now in full swing and currently in preparation to smash the Bendigo race in early August.

Looking to the future, Jeremy has been setting his eyes on the UCI Mountain Bike World Champs in 2016. With support from the SMPC crew – we have no doubts Jeremy will make us proud.

Below is a picture showing the fantastic weather Melbourne has to offer juxtaposed with the eyes of a champion.