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You can still claim your “Pilates” class session at SMPC

My Private Health Insurer (PHI) has sent me a letter explaining changes to my cover for Pilates…..

Can I still claim for my Pilates classes ?
YES – classes will now be called Exercise Rehab class but you can still claim for these Physio run Exercise Rehab classes as you did for Pilates (ie we’ve just had to change the name)

Why the change of name?
Short answer:  The Natural Therapies Health Reform
Long answer: The Department of Health  have changed the rules governing PHI. Under the Natural Therapy reform Pilates only sessions will no longer be funded as of April 1st.

Can I still do Pilates? Yes!
Will my exercises change? No! (we’ve always combined Pilates, Physio Rehab and strength/conditioning work into your classes.)

Can we still use the Pilates Equipment?
Yes, Physio guided exercise programs that draw on the Pilates based exercises are still very much in the scope of practice and permitted, basically we just need to change the name to comply with the reform.

Why has Pilates been affected in the reform?
Clinical Pilates (taught by a health practitioner with individual programming) has incorrectly been lumped into general Pilates (Fitness style classes).
There is research to support the efficacy of Clinical Pilates and Exercise Rehab however not the same evidence for fitness Pilates therefor affecting Pilates case with PHI.

Do I need to do anything different in regards to booking classes, buying class packs etc?
No – these processes will all stay the same.

Have further questions or concerns?
We will happily answer any questions regarding this change!