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Mat supine
_MG_0463 Pelvic floor, deep abdominals with breathing [snippet pelvic-floor-deep-abdominals-with-breathing]
_MG_0463 Multifidus isolated in supine [snippet multifidus-isolated-in-supine]
_MG_0442 Bent knee fallout  [snippet bent-knee-fallout]
_MG_0443 Single knee float [snippet single-knee-float]
_MG_0445 Knee float to table top [snippet knee-float-to-table-top]
_MG_0444 Single leg extension [snippet single-leg-extension]
_MG_0457 Single leg extension from tabletop with arm extension [snippet single-leg-extension-from-tabletop-with-arm-extension]
_MG_0462 Posterior pelvic tilt in supine [snippet posterior-pelvic-tilt-in-supine]
_MG_0466 Pelvic tilt to bridge [snippet pelvic-tilt-to-bridge]
_MG_0467 Single leg bridge [snippet single-leg-bridge]
_MG_0459 Double leg extension with arms [snippet double-leg-extension-with-arms]
_MG_0481 Hip opening with roller [snippet hip-opening-with-roller]
_MG_0460 Supine with opening arms/fly [snippet supine-with-opening-armsfly]
_MG_0461 Quarter clocks with arms [snippet quarter-clocks-with-arms]
_MG_0486 Segmental roll-back from long sitting [snippet segmental-roll-back-from-long-sitting]
_MG_0493 Book openers [snippet book-openers]
_MG_0484 Clams [snippet clams]
_MG_0489 Crunch from tabletop position [snippet crunch-from-tabletop-position]
_MG_0494 Side lying quadriceps stretch [snippet side-lying-quadriceps-stretch]
_MG_0468 Side lying leg lift [snippet side-lying-leg-lift]
_MG_0498 Side lying quad and abductor stretch [snippet side-lying-quad-and-abductor-stretch]
_MG_0749 Chin tuck/deep neck flexors [snippet chin-tuckdeep-neck-flexors]
_MG_0747 Chin tuck with arm raise [snippet chin-tuck-with-arm-raise]
_MG_0811 Side lying shoulder abduction [snippet side-lying-shoulder-abduction]
_MG_0816 Side lying shoulder external rotation [snippet side-lying-shoulder-external-rotation]
_MG_0664 The Claw [snippet the-claw]
_MG_0654 Spinal rotations [snippet spinal-rotations]
_MG_0659 Spinal rotations with leg extension [snippet spinal-rotations-with-leg-extension]
_MG_0651 Oblique Crunch/Spinal twist [snippet oblique-crunchspinal-twist]
_MG_0647 Crunch Pulses [snippet crunch-pulses]
_MG_0643 Shrug [snippet shrug]
_MG_0636 Aeroplane [snippet aeroplane]
_MG_0638 Aeroplane with hip opening [snippet aeroplane-with-hip-opening]
_MG_0640 Aeroplane with hip closing [snippet aeroplane-with-hip-closing]
_MG_0638 Aeroplane with hip opening and closing [snippet aeroplane-with-hip-opening-and-closing]
_MG_0633 Squat [snippet squat]
_MG_0754 Standing calf stretch with straight knee [snippet standing-calf-stretch-straight-knee]
_MG_0755 Standing calf stretch with bent knee [snippet standing-calf-stretch-bent-knee]
_MG_0631 Calf raise [snippet calf-raise]
_MG_0629 Knee lift [snippet knee-lift]
_MG_0625 Split squat [snippet split-squat]
_MG_0629 Split squat to knee lift [snippet split-squat-to-knee-lift]
_MG_0623 Segmental spinal roll-down [snippet segmental-spinal-roll-down]
_MG_0622 Kneeling hip flexor stretch [snippet kneeling-hip-flexor-stretch]
_MG_0923 4-point kneeling hip internal and external rotation(internal rotation shown) [snippet 4-point-kneeling-hip-internal-and-external-rotation]
_MG_0832 Push-up [snippet push-up]
_MG_0831 Kneeling push-up [snippet kneeling-push-up]
_MG_0828 Shoulder blade protraction and retraction [snippet shoulder-blade-protraction-and-retraction]
_MG_0827 Narrow/triceps push-up [snippet narrowtriceps-push-up]
_MG_0819 Prone shoulder blade retraction [snippet prone-shoulder-blade-retraction]
_MG_0824 Prone shoulder blade retraction with arm hover [snippet prone-shoulder-blade-retraction-with-arm-hover]
_MG_0835 Seated anterior/forwards pelvic tilt [snippet seated-anteriorforwards-pelvic-tilt]
_MG_0615 4-point pelvic tilt from anterior to posterior [snippet 4-point-pelvic-tilt-from-anterior-to-posterior]
_MG_0618 Child’s pose [snippet childs-pose]
_MG_0619 Kneeling spinal twist  [snippet kneeling-spinal-twist]
_MG_0605 4 point kneeling arm extension [snippet four-point-kneeling-arm-extension]
_MG_0606 4 point kneeling leg extension[snippet 4-point-kneeling-leg-extension] [snippet 4-point-kneeling-diagonal-arm-and-leg-extension]
_MG_0614 4-point kneeling diagonal arm and leg extension
_MG_0609 4-point kneeling leg extension with abduction to 45 degrees [snippet 4-point-kneeling-leg-extension-with-abduction-to-45-degrees]
_MG_0612 4 point kneeling arm and leg extension with abduction [snippet 4-point-kneeling-arm-and-leg-extension-with-abduction]

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