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Bike Fit - Ergonomic Bike Setup

South Melbourne Physio Cycling – The Story

As you walk into the clinic you get the sense that we are pretty-keen on bikes and cycling.  Bike racks take pride of place for the cycling enthusiasts among the South Melbourne Physio community. We  host a weekly SMP shop ride, which initially began as a training ride for a group of mid-to-long-distance triathletes and is now embedded as a 6am depart every Thursday from the clinic. Check out our instagram @southmelbournephysio.

Taking in a little slice of Beach road and Albert Park the ride has grown to be a community-based project, with over 50 people participating and celebrating cycling through movement and coffee (of course). In 2016, we became proud sponsor to a team of master’s cyclists racing under South Melbourne Physio. In 2017, we added 3 juniors in the elite cycling category and in 2018, formed a partnership with A grade VRS/NRS team Race Atlas @raceatlas We also have a great partnership with Marcello Bergamo custom cycle clothing.

Why get a bike fit, setup or a cycling assessment?

Because every cyclist is different and has different needs. Whether commuting, mountain biking, bunch riding, climbing hills, road racing or racing triathlon your position on the bike will affect not only your ability (speed, power and endurance) but also influence injury.

Our physiotherapists are experts in Movement Analysis and will assess the relative influence of your body on your bike technique.


Given our obsession for cycling and experience as physio’s in the musculo-skeletal and sports setting, bike fitting was bound to eventuate. Andrew completed the physio specific ‘Science of Cycling’ course in Melbourne 2014. In 2017, he was privileged to further enhance his expertise, spending time with Rodrigo Bini, the foremost expert in the world of cycling biomechanics and current BMC biomechanist. Andrew aims to provide any cyclist with the optimal biomechanical bike setup to reduce injuries and optimise performance.

How long will it take?

We provide 3 offerings with reports emailed within 48 hours.

60 minutes: Detailed measurement, cycling biomechanics, bike fit and report

90 minutes: Commences with physical assessment, including strength and range of movement and identifying potential factors for discomfort on the bike. As per 60 min Detailed measurements, cycling biomechanics, bike fit and SMPC cycling passport. Concludes with any specific injury management and treatment as required and individual exercise prescription.

Follow up:
45 minutes: Post intial bike setup, these sessions are aimed at reviewing any changes made to the bike along with progressive treatment and exercises

How we can help?

  • Optimise your riding position and pedalling technique
  • Enhance your cycling performance
  • Relieve your cycling pain and aid recovery
  • Prevention and treatment of cycling injuries
  • Cycling setup passport (90 min.)
  • Orthotic prescription for shoes

Common cycling injuries we manage

  • Knee, hip and lower back pain
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Hot foot or hand pain and numbness
  • Tendinopathy and overuse injuries
  • Muscle soreness and cramps

Treatment options include

  • sports massage and mobilisation
  • dry needling
  • functional strength training
  • road cycling and triathlon specific clinical pilates programs.

Rebates are available through your private health insurance under physio’s extras cover.